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Midelino for flower arranging
15 colours plus gold and silver glitter

OASIS Aluminium Wire
OASIS Aluminium Wire
Red, Silver, Gold
Plastic bowls and dishes for flower arranging
Plastic bowls & trays



Lead based anchors and pin holders for flower arranging.

Foam Anchors and Pin Holders on our Sundries page

Pot Tape Offer
Probably the most widely used item in every flower arranger's tool-box and if you need just a roll to keep your supply topped up, we'll send you one
from just £2.75 per roll including vat and delivery.
1 x 6mm Olive roll £2.75 each inc vat & del. 1 x 12mm Olive roll £3.60 each inc vat & del. 1 x 9mm Clear roll £3.25 each inc vat & del.
For more information click on any of the Pot Tape pictures above.

Flower arrangers wires, decorative, binding reel or stub.

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Join our eMail List
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OASIS Diamond Sensation Wire
OASIS Diamond Sensation Wire.
Antique style metal urns
Antique Style Metal Urns.
Floraal sundries stock clearance.
English Willow Cornucopia, available in two sizes.

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